Motorway ON406 in Canada

Motorway exits

King's Highway 406

King's Highway

Welland - St. Catharines

Lanes Exit Direction St. Catharines (Read down) Direction Welland (Read up) Slip road Notes Also as
0 Port Colborne, Welland
2 Woodlawn Rd
4 Merritt Rd, Holland
5 Port Robinson Rd
8 Fonthill, Niagara Falls
Holland Rd
11 Beaverdams Road
15 Thorold, Niagara Falls Go to ON-58
15 St. David's Rd
15 Thorold, Niagara Falls Go to ON-58
17 Glendale Ave St Catharines
19 Westchester Ave St Catharines
20 Geneva St Westchester Ave St Catharines
21 4th Ave St Catharines
25 Niagara - Toronto Go to QEW