Motorway ON402 in Canada

Motorway exits

King's Highway 402

King's Highway

USA-MI border, Sarnia - London

Lanes Exit Direction London (Read down) Direction USA-NY border (Read up) Slip road Notes Also as
MI USA Interstate Go to I-69, Go to I-94
Canada, Ontario USA, Michigan Federal border
Blue Water Bridge 1862m (6109ft) Blue Water Bridge 1883m (6178ft) Saint Clair River
Toll Booth
Border crossing
1 Front St, Point Edward, Sarnia
2 Christina St North
3 Indian Rd
6 Modeland Rd
9 Airport Rd
15 Mandaumin Rd
25 Wyoming
34 Forest
44 Watford, Arkona
56 Kerwood Rd, Kerwood
65 Parkhill, Strathroy
69 Strathroy
82 Mount Brydges, Komoka
86 Melbourne, Delaware
98 London, Lambeth, St Thomas
100 Wonderland Rd
104 Toronto Go to ON-401