Motorway NS103 in Canada

Motorway exits

NS-103 Arterial Highway

Arterial Highway

Halifax - Yarmouth

Lanes Exit-km Direction Yarmouth (Read down) Direction Halifax (Read up) Slip road Notes Also as
1-0 Truro, Halifax, Halifax International Airport Go to NS-102
2-2 St. Margaret's Bay Rd, Beechville, Halifax 333
3-6 Otter Lake Dr, Timberlea
4-13 Hubley, Timberlea
5A-14 Halifax Intl Airport, Bedford, Truro Go to NS-113, planned IC
5-20 Hammond's Plains Rd, Yankeetown, Tantallon 213 333
6-41 Hubbards, Queensland, Blandford 329
7-50 Esat River, Chester 329
8-63 Chester, New Ross, Windsor
9-68 Chester, Chester Basin, Kentville
10-81 Mahone Bay, Lunenburg
11-99 Cornwall Rd, Blockhouse, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg 324
12- Bridgewater, Lunenburg
13- Victoria Rd, Bridgewater, Wileville, Caledonia 325
14-108 Hebbville, Bridgewater
15-114 Italy Cross Rd, Crousetown, Petit Rivière
16-119 Hirtle Rd, Middlewood, Vogler Cove
17-129 East Medway, Vogler Cove 331
17A-131 Port Medway, Mill Village, Charleston
18-135 Liverpool, Brooklyn
19-141 Milton Rd, Milton, Brooklyn, Liverpool, Caledonia
20A-147 Old Port Mouton Rd, Liverpool Industrial Park, White Point
20-157 Summerville Centre
21-161 Central Port Mouton Rd, Port Mouton
23-185 Sable River, Lockeport
24-199 Lake John Rd, Jordan Falls, Lockeport
25-204 Shelburne
26-208 Shelburne, Ohio 203
27-215 Birchtown
28-222 Clyde River, Thomasville, Cape Negro 309
29- Crowell, Barrington 309
31-259 Pubnico
32-271 Argyle, Central Argyle, Argyle Head
32A-272 Glenwood
33-284 Tusket, Tusket Industrial Park, Quinan 308
34-294 Hardscratch Rd, Yarmouth Go to NS-101