Motorway NS102 in Canada

Motorway exits

NS-102 Arterial Highway

Arterial Highway

Halifax - Truro

Lanes Exit-km Direction Truro (Read down) Direction Halifax (Read up) Slip road Notes Also as
0-0 Joseph Howe Dr
1D-1 Northwest Arm Dr, Dunbrack St
1A-2 Chester, Lunenburg, Bridgewater Go to NS-103
2A-4 Lacewood Dr, Bayers Lake
2-7 Kearney Lake Rd
3A-11 Chester, Lunenburg, Bridgewater Go to NS-113, planned IC
3-12 Hammonds Plains Rd, Bedford 213
4AB-16 Bedford Hwy, Lower Sackville, Dartmouth, Windsor Go to NS-101
4C-17 Duke St, Glendale Ave, Lower Sackville
5-24 Waverley
5-25 Dartmouth, Westphal Go to NS-118
Parking Area
5A-31 Aerotech Dr, Goffs 212
6-34 Halifax International Airport
7-40 Enfield
8-47 Elmsdale, Belnan 214
9-57 Milford, Hardwood Lands 224
10-64 Shubenacadie, Maitland 215
Shubenacadie River Bridge Shubenacadie River
11-70 Stewiacke
12-84 Brookfield 289
13A-93 Treaty Trail, Tower Rd, Hilden, Truro
13-95 Truro Heights Rd, Truro
14-97 Robie St, Truro 236
14A-98 Onslow, Truro
15WE-99 Oxford, Westville Go to TCH-104