Motorway NB7 in Canada

Motorway exits

NB-7 Primary Highway

Primary Highway

Fredericton - Saint John

Lanes Exit Direction Saint John (Read down) Direction Fredericton (Read up) Slip road Notes Also as
Regent St, Fredericton, New Maryland
0 Fredericton, Miramichi Go to NB-8
1 Liverpool St, Fredericton
2 Kimble Dr, Fredericton
5 Wilsey Rd, Alison Blvd, Fredericton
Prom Riverside Dr, Jemseg Go to TCH-2
20 Woodstock, Edmundston Go to TCH-2
51 Eniskillen Rd, Camp Petersville
80 Westfield, Grand Bay
90 Grand Bay
96 Ocean West Way, Saint John
97 Saint John, St. Stephen, Sussex Go to NB-1